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The Barrett Family

Mewil's Fan Fic The Barrett Family Part 1

(Feedback and Ideas are very welcome.)

Setting: The year is 1998. Jax and Brenda house there is a knock at the door, Brenda answers the door.


Ju:"Hello Brenda."

B:"Julia what are you doing here?"

Ju:"Brenda there are somethings we need to talk about, may I please come in?"

B:"Sure come in."

Brenda and Julia walk into the living room and sit down.

Ju:"Where is Jax?"

B:"He's at work. Julia what did you want to tak to me about?"

Ju:"Brenda there are somethings you need to know about uor father."

B:"Like what?"

Ju:"I'm not sure how to tell you this but he lied to you and so did I."

B:"Lied to me about what?"

Ju:"Brenda your mother didn't die when you 4, in fact she's still alive."

B:"Where is she can I see her?"

Ju:"There is still more you need to know."

B:"What else could there be?"

Ju:"You weren't their only child."

B:"What do you mean?"

Ju:You have 2 younger sisters."


Ju:"Their names are Yvonne and Sarah. I've been taking care of them since I moved to England."

B:"How old are they?"

Ju:"Yvonne is 17 and Sarah is 16." she says showing Brenda a picture.

B:"Where are they now?"

Ju:"Their at the PC Hotel."

B:"Do they know about me?" she asks as her eyes fill with tears.

Ju:"Yes. Brenda I'm really sorry about this."

B:"Where is my mother?"

Ju:"She is with them at the hotel. Sarah wanted me to ask you if you'll join

us for dinner?"

B:"Of course I will. I will have to check with Jax but I'm sure he won't mind."

Ju:"Well I'd better get back to the hotel. Brenda I'm really sorry I lied to you for so long."

Julia gets up and walks out.

To Be Continued......

What will happen at dinner?????? Wait and see. Comments and Ideas welcome