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From the Bottom of My Broken Heart - Jason and Carly

"Never look back" we said

How was I to know I'd miss you so?

Carly: You just wanted to find out about the funeral.

Jason: Yeah, right.

Carly: Or maybe you did come just to look at me.

Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind

Where do I go?

Jason: I think the part of you that loves -- your soul, I guess? -- that part never ends. It just goes somewhere. And when people need you, you can hear them.

And you didn't hear all my joy through my tears

All my hopes through fears

Jason: Nobody can really tell what's gonna happen. You can try to guess, or try to plan it. I can't. But if you can, and it makes you happy, go for it.

Did you now? Still I miss you somehow...

C: I mean, like stretching yourself, you know. doing something you really hate for the person in your life. That's love. That's real love. That's what I get from Jason.


From the bottom of my broken heart

There's just a thing or two I'd like you to know

Maria: Maybe you need her. Did that never occur to you? Of course not, she screwed up your life right?

Jason: Yeah

Maria: Well look at you. Maybe you need her to screw it up some more.

You were my first love

You were my true love

Jason: She changed my life. She fought with me, she fought for me, spent my money, threatened to paint everything. She was crazy and I left...but she loved me.

Maria: And you miss her.

Jason: And I miss her.

From the first kisses to the very last rose

Carly: I guess you'll be really happy to see me if I show up again, won't you? And in the meantime, I won't be expecting any flowers from you.

From the bottom of my broken heart

Even though time may find me somebody new

Carly: My baby's alive, and you're alive, and I still have a chance to change, to make amends, and to love.

You were my real love

I never knew love 'til there was you

Jason: How would you like it if someone swore to you that the person you love is no good?

From the bottom of my broken heart

Carly: I need you to know, that whatever I did, even if it was wrong, Jason, everything I did was for you.

"Baby," I said "please stay

Give our love a chance for one more day"

Carly: You're the most important person in my whole life. You're the only one who's never lied to me. You're the only one who doesn't want to change me into something, anything. I can just be myself with you.

We could have worked things out

Taking time is what love's all about

Jason: You were so scared. You needed me. You asked me to take care of Michael. And that's when my life started. The life I thought I could never have, more than anything I could ever imagine. It was all because of you.

But you put a dartthrough my dreams

Through my heart

Carly: Aren't you ever glad to see me?

Jason: Yes. But then I have to let you go again until you show up the next time. And I have to let you go all over again. I can't do it.

And I'm back where I started again

Never thought it would end

Carly: I'd do anything to be with you.


You promised yourself but to somebody else

And you made it so perfectly clear

Still I wish you were here

Carly: You're dumping me, right? You're dumping me?

Jason: Carly, come on. You're married to somebody else.


"Never look back" we said

How was I to know I'd miss you so?

Carly: I love you, and I know you hate it when I say that. I know it doesn't mean the same thing to you as it does to me, but I know that you love me tooo, and I'll always love you.