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Couples of the Younger Generation


There are a bunch of couples that have come and gone on our GH screens. However, they stole our hearts and they will always be in the hearts of their loyal fans. So this time we tip our hats and pay tribute to the dynamic duos that set our screens on fire....


Obviously S&B are a shoo-in for this list.. their electric passion won the hearts of fans the world over. Fans will never forget Sonny's lovestruck words.. "Are you going to be satisfied with just a spark, or do you want to set the world on fire?"


Sure, we can always turn the TV on a little bit earlier and catch these two on Port Charles. But they're not together there anymore, though Lucy's recent emotional speech to a comatose Kevin hinted at a possible change coming up (?). But who could forget their crazy GH antics, with Mac and Felicia? Mac and Kevin dressed as women trying to outsmart Madame Mia? Kevin getting the hives when he and Lucy were finally going to make love? The chaos of Sigmund? This sometimes goofy, always heartwarming couple, is one that will be forever missed by GH fans.


Yes, a NuLucky is on the way back to Port Charles. But who knows if these two will find their way back to each other?? Only time will tell, but for now the sweet tenderness of Lucky and Liz is greatly missed on GH. They loved each other in a kind and beautiful way, and that is something that the fans will never forget.