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You Are Everything To Me

This story takes place near Christmas time 2002. Emily and Juan are very much a couple. She is still modeling and has a strong career. Juan lives with Sonny and Brenda in their penthouse and is attending PCU but works for Sonny (Sonny does try to keep his assignments on a minimal risk level). Jason still lives next door and since he gave up all rights to Michael has resumed his role as Sonny's right hand man. He'll tolerate Juan until some of his antics get Emily in tough situations. Lucky came back almost a year and a half ago, and after a few months he and Liz were as close as ever. It took a little longer to re-build his relationship with Nikolas due to the fact that Nikolas and Liz were a couple when he got back to town, and while he was being held captive Faison had tormented him with video tapes of countless close moments his beloved Elizabeth and his brother were sharing in his absence. It took some time but the brothers are truly brothers now. Nikolas has been dating Chloe Morgan-Jacks' younger sister Macy but their relationship is just beginning.

Chapter One (Early December)

Emily and Juan enter Kelly's

Emily: Oh, it is so cold outside. (as she takes off her gloves and rubs her hands together)

Juan: You should have told me you needed warming up babe. (he holds her hands in his and gently pulls her in for a light kiss)

Emily: Mmmm. Thoroughly thawed.

Liz enters from the kitchen

Liz: Ok you two this is a public establishment.

Emily: Hey! Aren't you off yet? We need to get to the mall before all the stores close.

Juan: The mall doesn't close for like 5 hours.

Liz: This is Christmas shopping we are doing here it takes a lot of time.

Juan: You still have 3 weeks until Christmas what's the hurry?

Emily: Don't bother with him Liz he does his Christmas shopping on December 24th.

Liz: Oh one of those huh?

Juan: It's not that I don't think of it, it's that as soon as I buy a present I can't wait to give it to the person I bought it for. Especially if it's for you. (he wraps his arms around Emily's waist from behind and gives her a sloppy, noisy kiss on the cheek)

Emily: I liked the other one better.

Liz: Well, no more of those. (she takes off her apron and throws it on the shelf) It is time to shop.

Emily: All right!

Juan: Are we still meeting for dinner at Luke's?

Emily: (turning towards Liz) Are we?

Liz: Yeah, Lucky said to be there about 8:00.

Juan: Ok. Bye babe. (kisses her on the cheek)

Emily: Bye BUB.

(Emily and Liz turn to walk out of Kelly's)

Emily: (mumbling to Liz) He doe that just to drive me crazy. (They leave)

Juan: (takes out his cell phone and dials) Hey, you ready? Good, meet you there in 15? Ok, bye. (smiles to himself and leaves Kelly's)

Chapter Two

Juan is waiting outside a store at the Port Charles Mall when someone taps his shoulder from behind.

Juan: 'Bout time, where you been?

Lucky: You said to meet by the Sunglasses shop.

Juan: What do you call that over there. (pointing to the store right across from them)

Lucky: Well, did you know that there are 3 Sunglasses shop's in this mall?

Juan: Well, this is the most popular one.

Lucky: Forget it. Look, have you found them yet?

Juan: No, not yet. But if I know Emily she started out in Riley's.

Lucky: Yeah, I think you're right. Let's go check there first, and remember don't get spotted. The whole point of this is to find out what they are getting us so we have an idea of what to get them. But if they spot us we will never hear the end of it.

Juan: Hey don't forget you're with a pro here.

Lucky: Yeah, you too.

(The friends smirk at each other and take of to find the girls)

(3 ˝ hours later)

The very weary guys are sitting on a bench in the PC Mall

Juan: I am so sick of this place.

Lucky: Me too. They haven't even bought anything for a man yet. It's all for them.

Juan: Yeah, can you believe that?

Lucky: I'm not even sure at this point I care. I am burned out. I've got to get out of this place.

Juan: Me too, let's forget it, it doesn't look like they are going to buy anything for us today anyway.

Lucky: C'mon let's go.

(They get up and leave)

Liz and Emily walk around the corner

Liz: They think they are sooo sneaky.

Emily: It's so sad it's funny.

Liz: Well, I guess now it's safe to go pick up the packages we bought yesterday.

Emily: Oh, you'd think they'd learn by now nothing gets past us.

Liz: You'd think.

(The two girls walk off and don't notice the man behind them)

Chapter Three


Juan and Lucky are sitting at a center table at Luke's

Juan: That was such a wasted afternoon.

Lucky: Tell me about it. How can you buy something for someone when they've made a career out of shopping?

Juan: Hey, I'm the one dating a Quartermaine remember? Anything they want they can just buy outright.

Lucky: Yeah, but Emily is so easy to shop for, she likes everything.

Juan: I know, but Christmas is kind of a special anniversary for us and this year I just really want to get her something amazing.

Lucky: Amazing huh? Let's see…….well, first of all what's your price range? I know you don't take money from Sonny unless you've done a job for him.

Juan: I've been saving for a couple months and I also got a part-time job tutoring this snobby rich girl in math. It's only twice a week and her dad is shelling out a good sum of cash for her to pass. But don't tell Liz because she'll tell Emily and then she will figure out that she is going to get something big for her gift.

Lucky: Here comes Nikolas and Macy.

Nikolas: Hey, aren't Liz and Emily here yet?

Juan: No, not yet.

Macy: Well, I'm going to go freshen up, I'll be back in a minute.

Nikolas: (sitting down) So, what's up?

Lucky: Nothing, I'm trying to help Juan figure out what to get Em for Christmas.

Nikolas: Try and think about what she's been mentioning lately because girls are always dropping hints.

Juan: Here they come, don't say anything.

Liz: Hi guys, miss us?

Lucky: Incredibly.

Emily: That is so sweet seeing as how we only saw each other an hour ago.

Juan: I think you need a new watch it's been almost 5 hours since you left me at Kelly's.

Liz: I think you two need to take a class on how to tail your girlfriends.

Lucky: What are you talking about?

Emily: We saw you following us at the mall.

Juan: We went there but we weren't following you two we had to do a little shopping of our own.

Emily: Yeah right, give it up guys we know you were spying.

Lucky: Maybe we were and maybe we weren't but we'll never tell.

Macy: Hi Liz, Hi Em.

Emily: Hi Macy. I'm so glad you're here now at least if we get into a gender war each team is on level ground.

Liz: Let's order, I'm starved.

(The friends laugh and talk throughout dinner and have no idea that one of them is being watched)

Macy: Oh, I am so full I couldn't eat another bite.

Waitress: (to Emily) Here you are miss. (She sets a mixed drink next to her.)

Emily: I didn't order that.

Waitress: It's compliments of that man over….(she turns and no longer sees the gentlemen at the bar) well, he was there a second ago. (she goes back to the bar)

Liz: That's weird.

Emily: I can't drink this I'm not 21.

Macy: Do you care if I have it then I'm kind of thirsty after that big meal anyway, and my birthday was four months ago.

Emily: No, go ahead.

Juan: So, who would be sending you a drink and then running off.

Emily: I don't know.

Liz: Probably some kind of secret admirer that wanted to give her something but didn't want his butt kicked by her overprotective boyfriend.

Macy: Wow, this is really good. I have hardly drank at all since I turned 21. Oh miss. (motioning to the waitress) What is this drink called?

Waitress: Sex on the beach.

Macy: Oh, uh, thank you.

Juan: I don't like this.

Emily: It's just a drink Juan don't get all excited.

Juan: (pause thinking) Ok, I'll let it go. Besides I'm the one that is lucky enough to have you on my arm.

Emily: That's right. (they lean in and kiss gently)

Lucky: Ok, ok excitements over let's head back to Emily's so we can watch the movie we rented.

Juan: Scream III

Liz: Oh, yuck.

Lucky: Hey last week we watched that Love and Tenderness movie with you two this week it is our turn remember?

Liz: Yeah, yeah, ok.

Chapter Four

The Quartermaines

The six friends walk into the foyer.

Emily: Ok, you guys can go ahead and set everything up in my room I'll go get some popcorn and drinks from the kitchen.

Liz: I'll help.

Macy: Me too.

Lucky: Ok. (Nikolas, Lucky, and Juan all head upstairs)

Macy: Let's stall as long as we can so we don't have to watch that whole movie.

Emily: My thoughts exactly.

Liz: Well great minds do think alike.

Emily: Oh, there is the mail, I want to see if my new Riley's catalog came. They are supposed to have the best spring line next year. (she sifts through her mail)

Liz: What's that one in the lavender envelope I can smell it from here?

Emily: I don't know, but that smells just like the perfume I buy. (begins to open the envelope)

Macy: Maybe it's an advertisement for that brand of perfume or something. I wonder if Chloe sent me a letter this week. (begins sifting through the mail)

Emily pulls out a plain lavender card from the envelope and opens it only to see a picture of herself cut out in the shape of a heart with magazine clipped letters that spell out 'You'll be Mine Soon'

Her face turns white.

Liz and Macy look up and notice the expression on her face.

Liz: Em, are you ok?

Macy: Is something wrong?

Emily's hands begin to shake and she drops the card on the floor by her feet. Liz picks it up and she and Macy look at it.

Liz: Oh, my god.

Macy: Oh, no.

Emily: (in a shaky voice) I'm sure it is just someone trying to get a reaction out of me, they're not serious.

Liz: Emily, this is very serious.

Macy: We need to call the police. Are Alan and Monica still on that cruise?

Emily: Yes, they won't be back until next week. I wouldn't want to bother them anyway. Just let me think a second and try to figure out what I should do.

Juan: What you should do about what?

Chapter Five

Juan, Lucky and Nikolas all come down the stairs.

Juan: Emmy? What you should do about what?

Emily: I……

Liz: This. (hands Juan the card)

Juan: (throws the card on the floor, walks over and puts his arms around Emily) Are you ok?

Emily: I don't know.

Lucky picks up the card and he and Nikolas both look at it.

Nikolas: Have you called the police?

Macy: We were just about to.

Emily: I'm not sure if I want to do that yet.

Juan: Why not?

Emily: I don't know, I just don't want this to get in all the papers if this turns out to be a one time shot.

Lucky: What if it's not? This could be a very dangerous situation Emily.

Emily: I know that too. I'm just not sure what I want to do ok. This is all so fast. (she turns and buries her head in Juan's shoulder)

Juan: Well, you can decide if you want the police involved, it's your call. But, we're going to see Sonny now. He'll know what to do.

Emily: But…

Lucky: I think that is a good idea Em. Plus Brenda might know what to do too. Because this more than likely is related to you being in the public eye.

Emily: I don't know, I can't even think right now.

Liz: Look guys I think we're bombarding her with all these suggestions right now.

Macy: I think you're right maybe we should all just call it a night.

Emily: I'm sorry everyone.

Nikolas: This is in no way your fault Em, don't apologize. Just try and get some sleep.

Emily: I'll try.

Juan: Well there is no way I'm going to leave you alone tonight.

Emily: That is really sweet, but there is also no way Grandfather is going to let you stay here.

Lucky: Juan's right though Em, I don't think you should be alone anymore until we figure out what we're dealing with here.

Liz: I'll stay over.

Macy: Me too.

Juan: I still don't like this.

Emily: I'll be ok. Don't worry.

Juan: I'll always worry about you.

Emily: And I love you for that.

Juan: Lock all the doors and the windows ok.

Emily: Ok, and I'll call you first thing in the morning.

Juan: Ok. (he leans in and kisses her softly then they share a heartfelt embrace)

Emily: Goodnight.

Juan: (kisses her cheek and whispers) I love you.

(Lucky kisses Elizabeth goodbye and Nikolas kisses Macy goodbye on her cheek. The three boys leave for the night.)

Liz: Are you all right?

Emily: This all seems so unreal. I don't even know what I'm feeling.

(They go upstairs)

Chapter Six

(Sonny's penthouse)

(Juan and Emily are telling Sonny, Brenda and Jason what happened last night)

(They finish and everyone sits in silence)

Brenda: Emily this is serious. Some people do this as a joke and nothing ever comes of it but some are incredibly sick and serious about what they want. You can't gamble with your life.

(Emily finally breaks down. Juan holds her. Sonny motions to Brenda to take her upstairs. She does.)

Juan: What should we do?

Sonny: You should tell the police.

Juan: Aren't you going to help us?!

Sonny: Of course I am but the more people that know what is going on the more people there are keeping an eye on her.

Jason: I don't think Emily should stay at the Quartermaines it's to big an estate, to hard to keep track of who comes on and off.

Juan: Where do you want her to stay?

Jason: With me.

Sonny: I think that's a good idea. I think we should put two guards on her, send a clear message that this girl is not to be messed with.

(Emily comes downstairs)

Emily: No, I have a different idea.