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Chapter 7

Brenda: What do you want to do Emily?

Emily: If there is someone out there that maybe wants to hurt me or torment me I want him caught. I donít want to be looking over my shoulder for years to come never knowing if this person is suddenly going to be there. So I donít think we should put a barricade of people around me. I think we should set a trap.

Juan: Using you as bait?! I donít think so Em.

Jason: I donít like that idea either.

Brenda: She does have a point guys. This person should be caught not just pushed to the back.

Sonny: But what youíre talking about is a very dangerous game. Are you sure youíre willing to do that?

Emily: I think so.

Jason: You canít just Ďthink soí Emily you have to be 100% sure or we donít make a move.

Emily: Then yes, I am 100% sure.

Sonny: Ok, then. (Sonny leaves to make a phone call.)

(Juan and Emily walk over to a corner by themselves)

Juan: I really wish you wouldnít do this.

Emily: I know youíre afraid for me, but donít be. Sonny and Jason know what they are doing. Isnít that what you and Lucky kept telling me? Everything is going to work out; Iím not going to let anybody get the best of me. Well, except maybe you. (She leans in and hugs him)

Juan: If I havenít told you yet today, I love you.

Emily: You havenít. And itís always nice to here you say it, but I already know that you love me. I can see it in your eyes, and I can feel it in my heart.

Juan: You have my heart, youíve had it since the first time we met outside this building. If you really want to go through with this then Iím with you but donít expect me to let you out of my sight, thatís non-negotiable.

Emily: I guess I can live with you having your eyes on me 24 hours a day.

Juan: I know I could.

Emily: Juan! (She playfully punches his arm, then they hug)

(Sonny re-enters the room)

Sonny: Well everybody make yourselves comfortable weíve got a plan to work out.

Chapter 8

Two weeks later

Nikolas, Liz, and Emily are having lunch at the PC Grill.

Emily: I think itís over. I mean itís been 2 weeks and nothing, not a peep. Francis and Johnny are always with me even though I never see them, and they havenít spotted anyone even remotely following me. Iíve gotten no more cards or letters, no phone calls, no pictures, nothing.

Liz: We all hope so Em, but still this guy might just be really smart and knows that youíll be on your toes for a while.

Nikolas: I think Liz is right. Weíre all hoping that maybe it was just some kid thinking heís funny and left it at that, but weíre still not about to let you out of our sight.

Emily: Trust me Francis and Johnny arenít going to let me out of theirs.

Liz: Is it weird knowing youíre watched all the time?

Emily: You get used to it. Anytime there are any touchy business dealings of Jason or Sonnyís going on either Juan or I or sometimes even both of us get guarded. Itís only weird for like the first day then itís like nothing.

Nikolas: I wish you didnít have to live like that Em.

Emily: Nikolas weíve had this conversation how many times? Even if I werenít with Juan Jason would always be my brother and its just part of the package, and if you truly knew Jason youíd know how much we mean to each other. But I really do understand why you havenít gotten to know him and I accept that. But Juan and I have been together for over 3 years so please, finally, once and for all, would you just accept him.

Nikolas: Hey I think I have done really well this last year.

Liz: He has done better Em.

Emily: Yes you have, at least when Juan is around but you still constantly cut on him when heís not.

Nikolas: Iím sorry Emily, Iíve really tried not to. I donít want you to think I hate him either, I really donít.

Emily: I know you donít.

Liz: Hey letís get on to more festive topics of conversation ok. Who is hosting our annual Christmas Eve party? Lucky did it last year because he had just gotten his new apartment.

Emily: Well, I thought we were going to do it this year because our apartment is finally going to be ready for us Friday.

Liz: You still want to move in together?

Emily: Well yeah, weíve only dreamt of having our own place for like 3 years. Why? Do you not want to anymore?

Liz: No! Nothing like that, I just thought weíd postpone it until it was a little safer for you to be on your own.

Emily: No way. This is non-negotiable we have planned for this to long to let it be ruined by some freak. I am not going to put my life on hold.

Nikolas: Are you sure now is the right time though?

Emily: Itís the perfect time. This way weíll have our own place for Christmas. What could be a better present than that?

Chapter 9

(Friday) (Jason is on the phone in his apartment when Sonny walks in)

Jason: Well, it doesnít matter what she says sheís not paying you. Whatever she tells you just pretend to go along with it but donít let her out of your sight ok. Ok, check in with me regularly. (He hangs up)

Sonny: Johnny?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Sheís moving into her apartment today isnít she?

Jason: Yeah with Elizabeth. I still wish she had moved in here.

Sonny: I know, but we wanted to keep things as normal looking as possible. Moving in with you would only scare the person away and she wants to catch him.

Jason: I donít think this is going to work.

Sonny: I know. But at the very least sheís being watched 24 hours a day no one is going to hurt her.

(Liz and Emilyís apartment building) (Both girls are weighed down with backpacks, duffel bags, garment bags, and several hats on both their heads)

Liz: Hurry Em, my arms are almost dead.

Emily: Iím trying here but it is hard to maneuver a key when youíre carrying so many bags you canít see the hole it goes in to. There!

(They open the door and just stand there for a moment. Then they turn and smile at each other.)

Emily: Do you believe this?

Liz: Iím starting to.

Liz/Emily: (drop all their bags, jump on their couch and beginning jumping on it) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

(In the elevator on their way up to the apartment)

Juan: I still donít get why they didnít want our help.

Lucky: Elizabeth said they wanted to do everything themselves so they would have the feeling of truly being on there own.

Juan: Yeah.

Lucky: I know.

Juan: Iím still worried about her making this move right now.

Lucky: She still saying that everything is fine.

Juan: Yeah, she keeps saying it but I know she doesnít believe it anymore than I do.

Lucky: Maybe itís just her way of dealing. Someone stalking her canít exactly be a comforting thought.

(The elevator doors open)


(The guys look at each other)

Juan: Emily!!!

(They take off running down the hall to the apartment)

Chapter 10

Juan and Lucky bolt through the doorway only to see their respective girlfriends sanding on their couch and wearing several odd looking hats on their heads.

Liz: What? Whatís wrong?

Juan: We heard screaming and thought something was wrong.

(Emily jumps off the couch and wraps her arms around Juan)

Em: My hero. (She kisses him playfully on the nose)

(Lucky helps Liz off the couch)

Liz: Thank you honey. So what do you think of our place? No negative comments.

Lucky: Why would I be negative. This is a great place. Plenty of room, hard wood floors, and a great view of downtown from the window seat.

Emily: That is my favorite part. I love to sit and stare out into the night; itís so relaxing.

Liz: How about we initiate our new place with a huge pizza and a movie?

Lucky: Ok by me.

Emily: Sounds good.

Juan: I uh, I canít.

Em: How come?

Juan: I already made plans with Sonny and Brenda since I havenít seen much of them in the last few weeks.

Em: Oh but this is the first night in my new apartment and I really wanted to spend some time with you.

Liz: Tell you what, you two can be alone while Lucky and I go get the pizza.

Lucky: The usual Em?

Emily: Yeah, thanks guys.

(Lucky and Liz leave)

Juan: Iím sorry I canít be with you here tonight babe. I know this is a special occasion for you.

Emily: Oh, itís ok I guess, I know youíd stay if you could.

Juan: We should be done in like 2 hours. How about I come back here to see you?

Em: That would be a perfect way to end this evening.

Juan: (mischievously) I can think of an even more perfect way.

Em: (laughs then gets serious) Soon Juan. Iím feeling like Iím almost ready, just not yet.

Juan: I was only kidding Emily. We go at your pace, no pressure. I love you no matter what, I always will.

Emily: I love you.

Juan: (smiling) Back atchaí.

(They move towards each other slowly and share a lingering kiss, one that neither wants to break.)

Em: You better go, youíre probably already late.

Juan: Yeah. Bye.

Emily: Bye. (She closes the door behind him and smiles to herself as she leans against the door. Her thoughts are interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. She goes to answer it.)

Em: Hello?

Brenda: Hey Emily, can I speak to Juan for a second please?

Emily: He just left.

Brenda: Well, when he gets back just let him know that Sonny and I are having dinner in New York tonight and wonít be home until tomorrow afternoon. He said heíd be with you tonight anyway, but I figured I should still let him know why there wonít be a guard at the door when he gets home so he wouldnít worry.

Emily: Oh, uh, ok, Iíll tell him.

Brenda: Thanks hon. Bye.

(Emily runs to her fire escape and looks out. She sees Juan opening the door to his Jeep. She quickly grabs her keys off the counter and climbs down the fire escape.)

ďWhy did he lie to me?Ē she thinks to herself. Iím not going to jump to any conclusions. I would just like to find out where heís going. She follows him. He pulls into the PCU girlsí dormitory parking lot. Emily parks her car.

Emily: (to herself) Ok, this still doesnít mean anything. (She watches as Juan walks into the building) I should trust him. I know Juan loves me. (A split second goes by) Iíve got to know why heís here. (She jumps out and runs to the building, then slowly walks in the front doors and sees Juan get on an elevator. The doors close and she walks over to see where it stops.)

Emily: 5th floor huh. Ok. (She goes around the corner and runs up the stairs)

Em: (breathing heavily) Damn, I wish Iíd worn different shoes. (She makes her way into the hallway and sees Juanís backside going into room 507. She rushes closer and only catches a glimpse of long blonde hair. Her heart sinks.) What is going on here? This isnít happening. This just isnít happening. Juan would never cheat on me. (She leans against the hallway for a moment) I canít be here. Iíve got to get out of here.

In the dorm room

Juan is sitting in the chair by the window.

Juan: Arenít you even going to open your book Christie?

Christie: Canít I just share yours?

Juan: No, you canít. Look if you donít want to study tonight then Iíve got better things to do. (Stands up and grabs his backpack)

Christie: (Stands up and puts her hands on his shoulders) You donít really want to leave do you?

Juan: Yeah, I do. (Begins to walk out)

Christie: (turns him around) I thought you came to help me study?

Juan: I did. You just donít seem too interested in Math tonight.

Christie: Well, maybe Iím interested in chemistry. (She suddenly throws her arms around his neck and pulls him into a kiss.)

Emily is running out of the dorm. She reaches her car, unlocks her door and gets behind the wheel. She puts the key in the ignition and then looks up.

Emily: JuÖJuan?

(Tears begin to form in the corners of her eyes as she sees her boyfriend kissing another woman.)

No, NO!

(She covers her eyes with her hands then angrily hits her steering wheel with them. She accidentally hits the horn.)

Juan jerks away from Christieís kiss the same time the car horn honks. He is already positioned to where he has a clear view of the window. Even from the distance he and Emily clearly lock eyes.

Juan: Emily?

Emily: (whispers) JuanÖwhy?! (The tears flow freely now. She starts her car.)

Juan: No!!

(Emily peels out)

Juan grabs his backpack and runs out.

Christie: Wait!

He keeps running ignoring Christie.

Juan doesnít wait for the elevator. He runs down the 5 flights of stairs then dashes out to his Jeep.

Juan: Damnit! Why did this have to happen?! (He jumps in and takes off after Emily) Where would she go? I have to find her and explain.