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Younger Generation FanFics

Welcome to the FanFiction Section! This section is for stories about any of the Younger Generation Characters. If you'd like to submit a fanfic you've written, you can do one of two things: send me a new fanfic or send me a link to a fanfic you've already had posted. I've posted one of my own fanfics to get things started. Hope to read all of your stories soon!


I'll Stand By You
by Jourdan

You Complete Me
by Jourdan

Free Falling
by Jourdan

The Barrett Family
by Mewil

The Truth Hurts Sometimes
by JaxMyLove

Forever Love
by Linda and Lori

I Love You
by Jessi Britt

Everything Changes
by Alyssa

Everything Changes
by Connie

MoonGoddess's Fanfiction Page
GREAT L&L2 fanfics!

A Side Of You I Never Knew
by Peace5021

You are Everything to Me
by Gracy

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