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I Love You!!

LUCKY!! Lucky!! Help me !! Please!! Noo!! Not again!! Lucky.

lucky reached down and touched her face. Liz jumped up screaming out, Lucky, I love you. she opened her eyes and saw Lucky starring down at her lovingly.Oh my god Lucky im sorry, I didnt know you were there. Elizibeth its okay i.. I.. I love you too. You do lucky? yes elizibeth i love you !! then he bent down and kissed her. she smiled and kissed him back. why do you love me ?? I stabbed you I caused you pain and grief. i don't know, how does anyone love any one else? I don't know lucky, but I do know that I love you.he smiled. Shh elizibeth go to sleep,its late. Lucky? yes Baby. Sing to me. Okay.

Elizibeth go to sleep i wanna watch you breath I wanna feel your peace Oooo Elizibeth as you kneel beside your bed tonight keep a little prayer for me in sight all I want is this Elizibeth

as he finished singing she drifted off to sleep. he smiled and kissed the top of her head.he walked over to her chair and curreled up in the chair and selpt. He woke up the next morning Whispering her name. Elizibeth.... She went over to where he was sitting and kissed him softly. He woke up and kissed her back . she slid into his lap. and kissed him agine this time with all the love and passion she felt for him. they both pulled back and looked at each other and said I love you Simotaniously.


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