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A New Day by Connie
DESCRIPTION:::this story is about Sonny Brenda Nikolas Lucky And liz and a few other people freom Gh also Sonny's little sister comes to live with him and causes alot of problems TITLE: A new day Written by Connie e-mail Prolouge ok people in this story Sonny is with Brenda and they live together in an apartment in PC Robin is with Jason and Liz and Lucky are basically at the same point they are now friends but maybe alittle bit more now this story takes place right as Lucky and Liz are abot to start there Junior year when Sonny's sister come's to live with him ok people enjoy oh yeah one more thing i only wrote this story on a dare so if you guys like it and want me to keep adding more chapters plese e-mail me or else i won't add any new chapters thanx Connie hi this is a story about mostly the younger generation of general hospital :::::::::::::::::::::::::::CHapter1:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: "Sonny i missed you so much" she yelled as he swept her up for a hug "are you ok cuz you look tired " " i'm fine i've just been busy thats all with my company and everything wait did i ever thank you for loaning me the money to get started?" "only like 9 hundred times" "oh well the reason i'm here is because i just found out something" she said nervously" "yeah what is it" "well you have a sister" "excuse me?" Sonny asked trying to think if he had heard correctly "you heard me her adopted mother called me and i found out that she's failing school and well she wanted to come live with me and i don't know what to do so i brought her here to meet you "you mean she's here now?" "yeah she's at my hotel, Sonny what am i gonna do she is so wild i can't handle her she doesn't listen to me and she so depressed" Alisonl rubbed her temples if she didn't take a break she'd be the first person ever to get grey hair at the age of 22 Sonny noticed how upstet she was and put a comferting arm around her shoulders "it's ok we'll work something out" "ok do you wanna meet her?" "yeah i guess so " ok at Allison's Hotel Rachel cranked up her stero listening to loud depressing music the way she'd been feeling this music suited her she sighed and layed back down on her bed she pulled her slender legs up to her chin and began to cry "ok here we are" Allison said, as she opend the door to her room loud annoying music greetd them as they enterd "Rachel turn your stereo down " Allison yelled Rachel ignored her and turned it up louder Alison gave Sonny and exasperated look they walked into Rachel's room Sonny looked around the room till his gaze rested on a small petite girl huddled in a corner he felt his heart go out to her she looked so sad and helpless he couldn't see her face but he knew she was crying her body was shaking and she was making sniffleing noises he bent down next to her "i think i'll leave you two alone now" Alison said as she left " hi...i'm Sonny" she wouldn't look at him she had her hair covering her face like a thick dark blanket he gently pushed her hair out of her face he gasped ____Chapter2____ as he looked at her except that her face was a little bit younger looking and her eyes were almond shaped she was a dead ringer for Brenda he recoverd quickly he looked er square in the eye she stared back at him not blinking although her gaze was hard if you looked closer you could see vunerability in her soulful brown eyes she got to her feet and ran out the door Sonny slumped back against the bed i guess it's gonna be harder then i thought he thought to himself he was pretty exhausted those few moments with her had been extremly emotionly draining Allisonl came back in the room and sat down next to him "i know she's hard to deal with" she said gently "but i don't know what to do with her i would send her bak to her adopted family but when i first met her she had bruises every where i think maybe she was either physically or sexually abused i can't send her back to a situation like that she is family and she can be sweet when she wants to be but she's so afraid to let someone get close to her i can't have her anymore because i'm alaways working and i can't watch her all the time " Sonny looked at her "Allisonl i would take her but i can't watch her all the time either " "yeah but you have people to help you like Brenda i'm sure she wouldn't mind helping you out with her and doesn't your real father live here in PC? i'm sure he would help you out i mean who knows she may even be his daughter" "i don't know Al i need to talk this over with Brenda i mean Rachel is my sister but i don't know if what i do, would be the right thing to subject her too, i mean ...well...i don't know i'll be back later tonight after i talk to Bren about it" He gave allisonl a long hug and walked out the door "knock" "Brenda you home?" the( door opens) "hey Sonny whats up ?" she gave him a playful look "wait i know you just miss me and can't live without me right" she gave him a sexy look he kissed her hard on the lips pushing them inside the door& closing it they kissed more and sat down on the couch Brenda finally broke upart breathless "wow yu've never kissed me like that before" she said pushing her hair behind her ears Sonny just sat there lost in thought until he finally spoke "sweetie my cousin Allison is in town and i saw her today" (pause) "oh thats nice when can i meet her?" Brenda asked "well the thing is she also brought my little sister with her " (brenda has a shocked expression on her face ) "i didn't know you had a sister " she said softly "yeah well niether did i" Sonny got up and began to pace "she aprently was put up for adoptiion and her adopted mother contacted Allison in L.A. and she wanted Rachel to come stay with Allison the thing is she's like a wild child and from what Allison told me she's really depressed now Allison would keep her but she can't handle her with her company and stuff so she wants Rachel to stay with me, now i told her i'd have to discuss it with you first and hear what you thought about it so the question is do you think i should let her stay here?" (Scene ends with Brenda looking around nervously) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter3))))))))))))))))))))))))) (next scene_ "Kelly's huh " Rachel said to herself looking up at the sign on a quaint little Cafe she looked at her watch it was about 6:45 no wonder i'm hungry she though to herself as she went in she sat down at a table a pretty brunette waitress came over "hi i'm Liz can i take your order?" "yeah i'll have a hmm..... Blt on white Frys and a coke please" Rachel said handing the waitress her menu "ok i'll be back in a few minutes" she said as she went in the kitchen Rachel got up to go to the restroom she walked towards the back of the resturant when someone bumped into her she looked at the cute blonde guy and glared at him "hey i'm sorry i wasn't looking where i was going " he said apolegetically "it's fine " she said turning to leave "no um are you new in town?" "unfortunetly" "oh you look alot like Brenda Barett" "well i don't know who that is but if she's pretty then thank you" "yeah she's very pretty" Lucky said nervously " so um do you wanna sit with me for a few minutes till your food gets here" "why not" they sat down "so whats your name ?" "Rachel Corinthos " she said reaching out to shake his hand "are you related to Sonny Corinthos?" "yeah i guess" "oh well i'm Lucky" "that nice but whats your name" "no i'm Lucky" "sure don't we have a high opinion of our sex life" she mutterd under her breath "excuse me my name is LuckySpencer my dad is good friends with Sonny" "oh i feel stupid" "oh don't be i mean don't feel stupid imean idon't know what i mean" he said blushing something about this girl made him turn from a confident young guy to a blustering idiot "so are you from around here?" Lucky asked "no i'm from Florida " "oh so are you gonna be here awhile" Lucky asked "probably" "oh well if you ever need someone to show you around town i'd be glad to" "thanks" she said with a smile "sure " Liz set Rahcels food down on her table she scanned the resturant for where she went she saw her sitting with Lucky she tried to drive away the jealousy she felt when she saw him with another girl no Liz you and Lucky are just friends she reminded herself she walked up to Lucky's table she looked at the girl; "um..your foods ready" "thanks it was nice to meet you Lucky "she said as she got up "yeah you to " Lucky called after her "so who's that girl?" Liz asked trying to sound casual when in truth she was extremely curiois "her names rachel she's new in town" "oh" "so i'll walk you home at 8" Lucky said "sure see ya then" and with taht he left Lucky walked for awhile until he wound up at his box car he went inside and sat down he though about the girl he met today she wasn't the innocent sweet type even her clothes reflected the bad girl image he sensed in her she was wearing short short ripped cutoff shorts black combat boots and a tight black midriff baring tank top she also had a belly button peiercing along with a bunch n her ears hmm i wonder how she's realted to Sonny Lucky thought to himself *******************CHAPTER4****************** (next scene Brendas straightening up the guestroom in her and Sonny's apartment) ^a few weeks later also all the paper work has gone through and Sonny is now Rachels legal guardian and she's registerd to start school at Pc High next week also her Birthday is in 3 days "ok look Rachel your Brother and his girlfriend are not used to having wild teens around so take it easy on them " Allison said as they walked up to Sonny and Brendas apartment "yeah whatever" Rachel said roling her eyes Allison gave her a stern look she looked at her outfit a tight green tube top with a skin tight micro mini skirt with th usual boots and "Rach do you always have to wear such sexy provocative outfits i mean would it hut to cover your stomach geez" Rachel just glared at her they knocked on the door Brenda answerd it and gasped when she opend the door rachel looked alot like her except rachel was a little bit taller then her and her hair was longer then Brendas and a couple other things "hi you must be rachel" brenda said gesturing for them to come in they walked in and set her luggage down "is Sonny here ?"Allison asked hurriedly "no he's out getting dinner he should be back soon" "oh well" Allison looked at her watch "my flight leaves in a half an hour i have to leave tell Sonny i said bye" "ok" Brenda said as the girl left "so rachel let me show you to your room " Rachel followed her upstairs Brenda opend the door "so what do you think?" she asked as they walkd inside it was a nice room overlooking a lake it had a large Queen bed a t.v. a desk was next to the window and there was a large walk in closet "it's nice" Rachel said politely "oh well it's kinda bare i know Sonny wanted to decorate it but i thought you'd want to do that so i said maybe me and you could go shopping to decorate it what do you think ?" Brenda asked with a hopefull smile Rachel could tell Brenda realy wanted to get along with her but personally shopping was about the worst thing she could think of doing "um sure that sounds great " she lied "ok well i'll send Nathan up with your stuff " Brenda said as she left Rachel sat down on the comfy bed a little while later a muscular guy came up with her stuff she began unpacking she carefully unpacked her stereo system and began setting it up she then put her clothes away and unpacked her books and other miscillanious things she put a few posters on the wall of her favorite movie stars she was about to through the boxes away when she saw a small framed photo in one of the boxes she gasped as she recognized the photo Chapter 5 in it was a cute smiling little boy with light brown hair and dark brown eyes she loving caressed the frame trying to imagine that he was here insted of she couldn't even think it it was too hard it had been 7 years but she still had never gotton over it "Joey if you can hear me i want to tell you i'm sorry for what happend i know you've probably alredy forgiven me but i need to try and forgive myself Joey please help me i'm starting fresh here i don't know what i'm suposed to do " she held the photo to her chest and sank to the floor unknow to her Sonny had heard her talking to the picture he walked slowly into her room he saw her she was sobbing on the floor clutching a picture to her like it was her life saver he bent down next to her "are you hungrey ?" she looked up startled she imediately brushed the tears from her eyes and hid the picture Sonny didn't know why but she seemed to think that if you become close to comeone then they eventually leave you or hurt you it was like she didn't trust anyone she brushed her hair out of her face but it go caught on one of her many earring's she tried to get it out "here let me "he reached out to help her get it out but as soon as his hand touched her skin she jumped up "i can do it myself "she mumbled" he got back up "why don't you trust me?" "don't take it personally i don't trust anybody?" she said bitterly he stood next to her "why?" "i can't' anyway you were saying something about dinner" Sonny sighed this girl was obviously hurting and he wanted to find out why but he didn't want to pry "yeah we're having Chinese food do you like that because if you don't i can-" she cut hi m off "no i like chinese food" "ok then lets go they walked downstairs together when they got there they sat down at the large oak table they ate in silence "so rachel school starts next week when are you going school shopping?" Brenda asked "oh i'm not going shopping there's nothing i really need" she mumbled Brenda looked disapointed Sonny took out his wallet and handed her a credit card "here get whatever you need" "Yipee we are going shopping" brenda said loudly "yeah i was thinking we need to do something about all those dark colors in your wardrobe and get you some blues and purples and stuff" Rachel gave the card back to Sonny "i told you there's nothing i need " he pushed it back acroos the table at her "you need note books and pens and shoes stuff like that" "i don't need anything" she insisted "ok tell you what either you go shoping with Brenda or you go shopping with me because you can be damn sure your not going to be going to school bare ass naked and most of those clothes you have come pretty close to it so either you go with brenda i'm sure she'll help you pick out some nice clothes or you go with me and i'll tell you what if you with me there will be no minis or micro mini's or anything else like that?" he said in a challenging tone ______ chapter 6______ "fine i'll go with Brenda" she gave the card back to him "i have my own money" "yeah well when you come back with nothing your excuse is gonna be i didn't have any money "he said shoving the card back at her "i worked hard all summer trust me i have money" she said glaring at him "well then you don't need to spend the money you've been saving" he said sliding the card back to her she went to slide it back but he caught her arm she relunctantly put it in her pocket Sonny gave her a a triumphant look she glared back Brenda cleared her throat nervously trying to change the subject "so rachel what do you want for your birthday?" "i don't want anything i mean it, i hate birthdays and i hate presents so please don't get me anything" "actually" Sonny cut in "alison told me you love dolphins and your favorite color is green i'm sure we can find you a nice gift " she stared at him he stared back they had a silent war the too Corinthos locked in each others gaze each with a scowl on there face Brenda thought they were more alike then they knew he Sonny cotinued staring without blinkin"she also told me you love computers she said you hacked into the pentagons head security terminal for fun that must have been pretty hard" "nah it was easy" Sonny loked at her with admiration "how long did it take you to crack this code ?" "about 3o minutes" he was shocked he blinked his eyes "i'm the winner" she declared "30 minutes?" "yep" "wow you must be good it took our head hacker about 4 hours to get in " yeah well i guess i was born with a talent " she said quietly "well i guess it's settled you and Benda are going School shopping as soon as possible and feel free to get whatever you want i don't care as long as your happy" he said also quietly Rachel sensed the emotion in his voice he wasn't quiet sure how to handel her but she did have an additude and a superior demur outlook linda like me Sonny realized he defiantly loved this girl and he din't even know her that well