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A side of you I never knew


It had been a long time since Brenda had heard any sounds coming from up stairs. He couldn't keep her here for long until someone noticed she was gone. After all, he claimed to love her.. Brenda finally got up enough energy to make her way up the basement stairs in hopes that she might hear something that would clue her into the real reason why she was here.

It wasn't long before she heard voices coming from the kitchen. Jax: "Yeah, I got her."

Voice #1: "Plans have changed, I can't handle him any more! So you will have a unexpected visitor for the rest of his kidnapped days"

Jax: " As if it I can't handle Brenda, you expect me to take him. I'm risking it all as it is.."

Voice #1: ( interrupting) "I'm sending him on the next plane to Port Charles whether you like it or not.. Deal with him however you want, just get him out of my hair! He will be traveling with a bodyguard.."

And with that Jax's connection was lost.

*** Chapter 2

Him? Brenda wondered who she knew that could be involved in any way or be a party to this evil plot. She fell asleep wondering what was going on outside these dark and gloomy walls. The next few days passed like a blur before her eyes. Nothing out of the ordinary happening. Jax still brought down her food like he always did. He also set aside a special time each day where Brenda was allowed to see her baby girl. In fact, it was during one of those times when the visitor came. Jax was downstairs with her and the baby, which they recently baptized Sara, when there was a knock at the door.

Jax: Can I trust you not to leave this room?

Brenda: (sarcastically) "Of course, I've made it this long without trying to escape! Why should I start now? Besides, you have my baby.."

Jax: " That's true "

Jax takes Sara and heads upstairs closing the door and locking it behind him. "I'm coming as fast as I can"

Jax stood before the door and straightened up his clothes. After all, he wanted to make a good impression on his guest for the duration of hisstay.

The doorbell rang again and Jax open the door

Man: "I have a package for a Mr. Jax"

Jax: " That's me. Get him in here quick before anybody notices you"

Man: " Yes sir!"

And in stepped Lucky Spencer (gagged and bound)

Chapter 3

Jax: "Welcome to my humble home, Mr. Spencer. This is where you will be for the next couple of months."

Jax (to Man #1): " Don't just stand there.. Take the gag off this young man!"

(Man takes gag off Lucky)

Lucky: "What do you want with me?"

Jax: "Ahhh... It's not what you can do for me, but what your family can do for me!"

Lucky (still puzzled): What do you have against my family."

Jax: (shouts): "Nothing. Everyone will see my purpose in time And I do mean everyone, including Sonny!"

Jax (to man): Take Lucky downstairs and get him settled. I'm going for a walk."

Lucky (to man): Sonny? What does Sonny have to do with me?"

Man: "I don't know kid. I'm just doing my job.. Get downstairs"

Lucky is escorted downstairs where he notices Brenda sitting in a corner.

(Man leaves)

Lucky: "Brenda? What are you doing here?"

Brenda (surprised): "I am wondering the same thing about you. Why are you here, Lucky?"

Lucky: "I'm thinking this has something to do with Sonny.."

Chapter 4

Brenda (sighs): "Of course! Why didn't I think of that!"

Without warning, Brenda sat on the couch and started to cry.

Meanwhile, Jax stopped at the Port Charles Grill for a drink. His plans were Falling apart. He hadn't planned for any of this conflict. It was all supposed to be over with within a matter of months and he would have his revenge on Sonny.. sweet revenge! In more ways then one.. He would finally have the love of his life and leave Sonny with a lifetime of torture having to deal with the Spencer wrath. And the best part about it was that they still believed Sonny's mob was the cause of Lucky's death.

*** Chapter 5

Jax hadn't realized what time it was until someone tapped him on the shoulder "Closing time, Mr. Jax" a man said from behind the bar.

"I'm going, I'm going." Jax mumbled

He 9made his way out unto the dusty driveway in front of the Port Charles Grill when he recognized a voice behind him. "Hey man, wait up." Jax whirled around to see Sonny Corinthos standing behind him.


"What do you want Corinthios? It’s getting late and my patience is wearing thin."

"You know what I want.. Brenda! And I have a feeling you have something to do with her disappearance"

With that, Sonny's friendly demeanor turned deadly as he punches Jax repeatedly in the stomach. Jax tries to defend himself by placing his arms in front of his face, but he blacks out and falls on the ground instead.

Hours later, Jax wakes up to find himself in a hospital room. He has no idea where he is or how he got there. All he can feel is the throbbing pain he has in his side. Jax is almost ready to leave the room when someone enters with a tray of medicine.

"Not so fast, Jax! You sustained quite a injury and it is not safe to be going home so soon," Bobbie's cheery voice rang in his ears.

"Bobbie, how did I get here?" Jax said through winces of pain.

"Taggart brought you in when he saw you lying by the side of the road. To tell you the truth, we didn't think you would even survive. By the way, he said he wanted to talk to you as soon as you woke up. You up to a visitor?" Bobbie questioned.

"Sure," He said half-heartedily. Jax knew he wasn't up to anything, but he knew something had to be done about Sonny.


Back at the Jax house-

It only took seconds for Brenda to realize the scheme that Jax had planned. Of course! Jax had always regretted the fact that she chose Sonny over him. But the question was: Why would Jax go to the trouble of getting Lucky involved when he had nothing to do with it?

"Brenda? Please talk to me... Tell me what you are thinking?" Lucky said softly.

"I can't believe Jax would do this..." Brenda said, her voice inaudible.

"Do what?" Lucky gently escorted Brenda to the couch and sat down next to her.

Within moments, she had told Lucky everything about her rocky relationships with both Sonny and Jax. Lucky listened intently, looking for any shred of evidence as to why they were being held against their will. But there was none. No obvious reason, that is.

" Stop! I have a plan..." Lucky interrupted excitedly. " But I need your help!"


Chapter 6 At the hospital-

Taggart enters the room wearing a dark black suit and black pants. He positions a chair beside Jax's bed. "They treatin' you all right?" He said as he sat down.

"As well as could be expected! Of course I've been unconscious for hours now, so..." Jax let his voice trail off.

"Yeah, that's what I need to talk to you about…" As Taggart said this, he retrieved a torn up wallet from his pocket. The wallet had a strange emblem on the front of it. The emblem was a circle with a snake inside it.

Jax had forgotten about that wallet. It was the only thing that connected him with his accomplice. How was he going to explain this wallet to Taggart?

Jax searched his mind for possible solutions.

"Do you know where this wallet came from?" Taggart's question jerked Jax back to reality.

"Maybe it fell from Sonny's jacket," Jax said with a surprised expression, "why are you asking me?"

"Well, I found it lying beside your body when I rescued you.. I thought you might know!" Taggart's voice grew angry.

"Ask Sonny!" He screamed in reply

"Ok, that's enough!" Bobbie had heard the commotion and rushed in to break up the argument.

*** Back in Jax's basement-

Brenda and Lucky had spent hours going over the details of the plan. It would take a cunning and brilliant team to pull this off. They knew they could do this if they worked together to reach their goal.

It was about 5 o'clock when the two were ready and waiting for Brenda's daily visit with Sara. Jax hadn't been down for several hours and Brenda was beginning to worry.

"Worrying won't help! Keep your eyes on the prize.." Lucky comforted.

"What prize? Nothing is worth winning without Sara," Brenda broke down.

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