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There are SO many people I need to thank for their help in making YGGA a success. I wish I had a good enough memory to be able to remember all of you! On this page, I will list a few that come to mind. You know who you are, and feel free to remind me if I left you out!

First, I want to thank ALL of the members. I really admire and appreciate all of the work you have done, whether it be through campaigns, help with this webpage, or your own ideas, each and everyone of you are part of this effort, and each one of you has done something unique and special for us.

A few members in particular have been fabulous. There are a big number of you who have participated in every SINGLE campaign, which I really appreciate. You have done some great work, with submissions to the Joy Behar scrapbook, things you sent to TPTB during our Carly campaign, and the beautiful messages to Lisa Cerasoli when we all helped out with the VTV campaign over at Club Cerasoli! Thank you for supporting all of these! Thanks to the members who write those excellent fanfics, I love reading what you come up with, as do many other people!

Now for specifics. Special thanks to Jessi Britt for her help with fanfiction and the Lucky and Liz gallery. Thanks as always to Sabrina for the Best/Worst Dressed page and the banners. Thank you to Andrea for her help with photo-hunting and campaign organization. Thanks to Crystal for helping me remodel YGGA awhile back and for all her help with graphics! Thanks to Ashley, I love getting your help on fanfiction, awards and so much more!

Last but certainly not least, to the Award Pages that have given me awards. That is such a great compliment, you have no idea. Thanks to those guys!

And, in general, to all the wonderful actors and actresses at GH and PC!