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YGGA Members' Keeper Titles

These titles were chosen by members of Younger Generation Guardian Angels. If you would like to join or have joined and do not have a keeper title, please email me at the address below. PS-If some keeper titles are SLIGHTLY different, I still post them as they were requested!

JOURDAN-Keeper of the YG's happy futures

STEPH-Keeper of the next generation's new love

MELISSA-Keeper of Carly's attitude, Keeper of Lucky and Lizzie's Baby Blues, Keeper of Lizzie's Overalls, Keeper of Serena's Big Heart

JESSICA-Keeper of Lucky and Liz's unspoken love for each other

LINDA-Keeper of the first time Lucky and Liz kiss.

NANCY-Keeper of: Jonathan's wondeful voice, the day-glow purple they used to paint Lucky's "sky" with, Jonathan's Christianity, Jonathan's dimples, the handkerchief Ned gave V, Stone's last sight of Robin, and Jason's love for Michael.

REBECCA-Keeper of Lucky's tears for Liz

MARLEYSFAN-Keeper of the Younger Generation's talent and success on GH and PC

ASHLEY-Keeper of Nikolas and Lucky's future friendship Keeper of Carly's adorable baby boy Michael

COLLEEN-Keeper of the love in Lucky and Liz's eyes when they look at each other

YVONNE- Keeper of: Nikolas' body, Lucky and Nik's hearts and souls, and Nik's friendship with Robin, Brenda, and Jax, Keeper of Vanessa's love for Tyler, Keeper of Vanessa/Brenda's love for Ingo/Jax, Keeper of Vanessa/Brenda's friendship with Rena Sofer.

KELSEY-Keeper of an exciting and adventurous future for the Younger Generation

NICOLE-Keeper of Nikolas, heart and soul

ROBIN-Keeper of the togetherness of Robin, Jason, and Michael in Penthouse 4, even if Michael is AJ and Carly's baby

KAREN-Keeper of the next generation's fun, love, and happiness!!

BRIDGET- Keeper of Lucky and Liz's friendship and their future together

NICOLE-Keeper of the Younger Generation's past

LORA-Keeper of Robin and Nik's friendship and the younger girls performance at the Nurses Ball of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Jason's loyalty and friendship to Sonny, Brenda's everlasting love for Sonny, Robin's love for Stone & Sonny

LAURA-Keeper of Carly's determination to be with Michael, Keeper of Lucky and Liz's dance at the Bucchanalia

COURTENEY-Keeper of Lucky & Liz's Nurses Ball performance

KARA-Keeper of the tape that Lucky gave Liz

JENNIFER(JB)-Keeper of the sisterhood of Liz and Sarah, also Keeper of Liz and Lucky's love

ROSEMARIE-Keeper of Rebecca's romance with Ingo, Keeper of Tyler's vows to Vanessa

MARIANNE-Keeper of Lucky and Liz's dance and their song "Elizabeth". Keeper of Nikolas' great personality and smile

ANDREA-Keeper of Jason's protection of Michael

LETTY-Keeper of: Becky Herbst & Jonathan Jackson real life friendship..

JESSI BRITT-Keeper of Lucky and Liz's dance at Windemere

MELISSA-Keeper of Nikolas' passion and his romance with Sarah

LILY-The keeper of the love Becky/Lizzie and Johnathan/Lucky share for each other, The keeper of Emily's beauty, The Keeper of Nikolas's passionate kisses, The keeper of Lucky, Lizzie, Emily, and Nikolas's friendship.

SHANNON-keeper of Lucky and Lizzy's "Jailhouse Rock" dance and keeper of Lucky's earring.

JENNIFER-Keeper of when Liz and Lucky stare into each others eyes

KARVET-Keeper of Lucky's lovers

SAMANTHA-Keeper of Serena and Liz

MAGGIE-Keeper of the growing friendship between Nikolas and Lucky and Keeper of the future best friendship of Liz and Emily

SARAH-Keeper of the bracelet that Lucky gave Liz for her birthday

ABBY-Keeper of Liz and Lucky's beautiful smiles

LILY-Keeper of the day Tom was sent to jail

TIFF-Keeper of the looks that Lucky gives Liz

DONNA-Keeper of Liz's pearl ring from Lucky

CHRISTINA-Keeper of Lucky and Emily's adventure and friendship of past and future

PEACE5021-Keeper of Lucky and Liz's future in New York

CRYSTAL-Keeper of the day Lucky Spencer comes back to PC, Keeper of Serene's love for Scott and Lucy, Keeper of Jason, Carly & Michael being a family again soon.

PATTY-Keeper of Lucky's subway token

Tobi - keeper of BJ and Maxie's heart; of the sibling bond between Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu, of Stone asking Robin to stand in the light and of the box car.

Josie - Keeper of Lucky&Liz's Chapel

Nicolea - Keeper of Lucky's soul

Phaicia McBride - Keeper of the unspoken bond of love between Lucky and Nikolas

Marybeth Carr - Keeper of Emily's Happiness

L.J. - Keeper of the Younger Generation's bright lives in the future

Jill - Keeper of Lucky and Liz finding their way back to each other

Farah - Keeper of Lucky's heartstopping smile...

Allison - Keeper of Lucky's apartment

Rachel - Keeper of Juan's necklace (Lily's)

Christine - Keeper of Lucky and Liz's everlasting love, their dance at the studio, Lucky's necklace, Emily's love for Nikolas, Carly's determination to get Jason and Carly's hatred torward Robin.

Ash - Keeper of Maxie's love for Frisco

Travis - Keeper of Jason's love for Michael

Chloe - Keeper of Juan and Emily's first kiss and the bracelets they exchanged.

Jill - Keeper of any words that come out of Lulu's mouth

Cheryl - Keeper of Tyler's last day, and of Colton's first day!

Stephanie - Keeper of Juan and Emily's incredible chemistry

MORE TO COME!!! (Please keep in mind that many YGGA members are not currently holding Keeper Titles.)

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