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With the Spencer marriage that was once thought to be invincible now suddenly in ruins, one might wonder where all the magic went. And one might search for the couple that can truly rekindle what has been lost. We are searching for a couple that can measure up to the legend of Luke and Laura. Many of us find that couple in Lucky and Liz. So this page will pay homage to the magic of Luke and Laura and the next generation of that kind of love, found in Lucky and Liz.

The early days were filled with passion and adventure for Luke and Laura. Fans fell in love with their true joy in one another and the excitement that filled each of their scenes. Their wedding went down in history, as millions of teary-eyed fans looked on. By contrast, the early days of Lucky and Liz were not about happy times. Liz's rape is what originally brought them together, and the year that followed was one of tears and heartache. As soon as fans thought they were growing closer, another horrible memory of the rape would surface. But fans were hooked on their honesty with one another and their amazing, remarkable friendship.

Each couple had the moments that fans will always cherish. For many Luke and Laura fans, the night at Wyndham's is most memorable. It was filled with innocent fun, old-fashioned drama and intense passion. As for Lucky and Liz fans, the night at Wyndemere comes to mind. The night of the Bacchanalia, they shared a dance as they looked in on the party within. This was before they were a couple, but the chemistry was there and sparks were flying. (Just a note - Luke, Laura, Lucky, AND Liz were all at Wyndemere that night ... and none were welcome.)

Both couples have had their share of the tough times. One of the major links between the two is that both had to deal with rape. It became the biggest problem with each relationship. For twenty years, Luke and Laura were able to put her rape and the fact that Luke was the rapist behind them. But when their son, Lucky, found out, they couldn't seem to find one another again. Secrets fell out everywhere, spoiling a love that had once seemed forever pure. With Lucky and Liz, they were so determined to find the one responsible. Liz truly felt that that would be the final step in her recovery. But it wasn't. Even once they knew it was Tom, the obstacles in the wasy of their happiness seemed endless. But in this case there is a happy ending. Lucky and Liz are a surefire couple busily planning their future. Meanwhile Luke and Laura are wrestling with the idea of divorce.

With a future ahead and the knowledge that anything can happen in the world of soap operas, we know that there are many twists ahead. With Jonathan Jackson's anticipated departure, the entrance of Stefan Cassidine into this picture, and the ever-present mind games that Luke Spencer is sure to become engaged in, the possibilities are endless. The destiny of Luke & Laura and Lucky & Liz is anybody's guess. The best advice? Expect the unexpected.

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